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Update 8-18-14  This review is over three years old now, and things have changed. Mike Long has moved on, and it’s all Kelly’s baby now. And you know what? It’s still the best place to learn to make money online, better than ever in fact,  without all the hype and b.s. that seems to go hand in hand with Internet marketing. Just do this-> Watch Kelly’s introductory video and hope that the $7 trial is still available. (I just checked, and the tire kicker offer is no longer available, but the price is now less than half of what I paid)


First off, this is not a full review, because I am too busy and too lazy to actually write a full review. OK, mostly too lazy.  The concept behind Bring the Fresh is  pretty simple anyways – learn easy, repeatable SEO site building and promoting techniques that will get you ranked on the top of Google.  By simply going to the BringTheFresh website you will get a good overview of what it is all about.  Kelly’s official site is right here.


I have been member since the beginning and it really is like no other program out there today. Kelly Felix (founder of the Rich Jerk empire) and Mike Long (Area 51, Stompernet)  are both Internet marketing legends and their new site,, is actually an opportunity to both look over their shoulder and take a peek inside the minds of these two masters. It is also a highly interactive group on the BringTheFresh Forum,with Kelly and Mike actually taking the time to answer questions pretty much on a daily basis. Really, the Forum is popping! Lots and lots of interaction with many successful Internet marketers And, the proof is in the results, as the success stories are flowing fast and furious in the forum. There are some amazing testimonials!

Not surprisingly, The Bring The Fresh launch has created  quite a bit  of controversy.  When two high profile ‘Gurus’ propose to mingle with the masses and bring a  “breath of fresh air to the internet marketing community”,  cynical hackles will (and should) be raised. After all, isn’t this the same Rich Jerk who looked down upon all the ‘losers’?  Do you know many people who thought that Stompernet was a great value at $800 a month? Why does the wolf  all of a sudden want to hang out with the sheep now?  What a great angle, the cynics say, to fleece some more money from the  gullible masses.  Funnily enough, after taking a peek inside, some of the most vocal doubters have now come on board themselves.

Well, I took a look inside, talked to Mike and Kelly, and I’m buying it, both figuratively and literally (actually I was one of the first). Sometimes you just have to go with your gut, trust your instincts, and I am feeling pretty good about my decision.  This is not just another Super Guru product launch where you never hear from the Guru again, save for the endless stream of affiliate promotions you receive from them. Total number of promotional emails received from Mike and Kelly in the last four months-zero.

Bring The Fresh is an ongoing project with continuing input from both of them. There is a very active forum  (I am continually amazed by some of the well known marketers who are contributing) and the website  is updated regularly with new content. The Fast Start Guide alone is worth the price of admission. Cost of monthly membership-free.

Product Launch hyped by their Big List friends? No, they did no launch and the membership is actually quite small (although the word is out now and new members are streaming in)  – no hyped launch.

Customer service and support?  All Kelly and Mike- no outsourcing

Finally, when is the last time that you bought a product and the seller gave you a phone number to call. How about their personal cell phone? Mike and Kelly will give you their personal cell phone number

Obviously Mike Long and Kelly Felix did not  launch Bring The Fresh as a purely moneymaking venture . I’m not saying they are not making some decent money on the project , but they could sure make a bunch more with a traditional product launch, not to mention disappear afterward.

The fact is, these two guys really did not enjoy being behind the curtain pulling the levers and have decided to take a different road. They actually want to interact with their members!  I believe this is one of the best opportunities you will ever come across, but you should decide for yourself.  Check it out at BringTheFresh.

As they say, it’s happening!

Oh, I almost forgot. If you have any questions about BTF I’ll be happy to answer them. Just drop a comment in the box, or we can talk on the phone. Also, warning! warning! This site contains affiliate links. If you choose to join through these links I make a few bucks-amazing!